Our clients examples

Our system is fully adjustable to any type of organization

SIS SAAR GMBH – Cleaning service company

SIS SAAR is company specialized for cleaning services. This company has employees around the country in the field but also in offices. WorkIgniter is recording time for around 150 employees in the field and in the office on over 15 locations. With WorkIgniter, SIS has drastically reduced time for completing payrolls and accounting reports. With full insights into working hours and location of employees WorkIgniter seamlessly fits SIS SAAR business needs. Ability to separate time sheets per project makes payrolls process very simple since tracked times can be assigned to a proper cost center from the start. Accounting application can import data from WorkIgniter, so no more double book keeping. Now SIS enjoys the benefits of a centralized time tracking where both moderators and administrators can manage the time of their employees. Moderator role is very important in SIS, because these are the team leader that can clock other employees in and out. Additionally, moderators can correct any issues that might appear because of employee forgetting to clock in using web application. This ability to delegate parts of time tracking to the team helped SIS say good bye to paper time sheets.

EROZIMAT – Manufacturing company

Erozimat is a manufacturing company that is working with C&C machines and processing materials for some of the biggest companies in Europe. WorkIgniter is covering their factory with a device on entrance. Easy to use card based system eliminated the need for paper time sheets. Employees that come to the company clock in and clock out once they leave. WorkIgniter was quickly adopted in Erozimat because it was intuitive to use while providing rich reporting capabilities. At the end of the month, paper payrolls are printed from WorkIgniter and delivered to employees. Payrolls are a small part of the benefits Erozimat has seen with WorkIgniter. Using reports and analysis Erozimat directors had good insight into which areas they need to strengthen in order to raise the efficiency of their company. Knowing when and who to hire is hard, but WorkIgniter brought them confidence they needed that they are making the right decision.