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Automate time and attendance tracking, but why stop there? Understand your workforce and get your efficiency to another level.

Gets your payrolls out of the way

WorkIgniter is time and attendance tracking solution for getting payrolls in fast and accurate way. Time tracking is becoming standard these days but what if you could get more?

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Get powerful insights to truly understand your workforce patterns

Time and attendace tracking data hides a lot of useful information. WorkIgniter helps you discover it, understand it and act upon it.

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WorkIgniter application installed on any mobile devices can track employees time across various locations. It's adjustable so it can fit to any type of work. Track office hours and hours in the field.


WorkIgniter helps you gain information out of collected data with more than 30 reports. These easy and intuitive reports allow you to see the bigger picture and drill into details.

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Get your payrolls done. Allocate workforce where it's needed the most. Make the right hiring decisions to improve your efficiency and income. Explore trends and data from history to make data-driven plans.

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